This section provides answered to frequently asked questions pertaining to Axio360.
The following areas are covered in separate articles, while the more general questions are covered below:

What data retention exists in Axio360

Data for active customer subscriptions is under full customer control. If customers cancel their subscription, the customers have the option to retain/delete their data or ask Axio to delete their data. It can take up to 30 days for data to be fully deleted from an instance.
Also refer to information under Axio Services as part of our Terms of Service accessible from the user profile in Axio360 and provided on our corporate website.

Is Axio360 localized

Axio360 is not localized. Customers have the option to enter their own localized Help text, notes, action items, etc. Any data that is entered in text form and existing text that is customizable can be localized by the user.

Can evidence be stored in Axio360

Storing evidence is currently not an option. Axio recommends hyperlinks to externally stored evidence.

If a team member is not registered, can action items be assinged

Enter the team members email in Axio360. Entering the email address allows assignment of action items. Team members are visible only in Axio360 after a successful registration.

Are export to .docx file format possible

No, the Axio360 export function supports .xlsx file format. It is possible to convert/export the generated .xlxs files to other formats or to use copy and paste to futher transform exported data.

Are there reminders for tasks

Yes, Axio360 sends weekly reports and task reminders.
As a security feature, rendered hyperlinks are by default disabled. Instance administrators can change the default and enable "Allow rendering hyperlinks". Only hyperlinks to specified domains are allowed.

What are the Axio360 password requirements

Axio360 currently enforces a 12 character length, alpha-numeric password.