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Deployed February 9th, 2023 (week 6)

This deployment does not introduce any new customer facing functionality.

Resolved Issues February 9th

This week’s release provides the following fixes to issues users might have experienced while using Axio360.

Next Button Navigation within Assessments

The Next/Previous buttons in an assessment, for example C2M2, have options to move between top-level sections, like “Domain” and second-level sections “Objective”. This issue caused users to navigate from a selected objective to the next domain rather than an objective on the same level. The same behavior was seen with the NIST CSF “Category” and “Functions” levels.

Next/Previous button navigation

Export/Download Incomplete

On exports of assessment Board Reports, incomplete data was shown in the exported reports. Users experienced this as only the first question on each page being reflected as answered.

Numbering Incorrect on Assessments

The numbering on C2M2 assessment questions was incorrectly shown as 00-x rather than the expected 1-a, 1-b, etc. This issue was resolved and delivered via hotfix deployment on Jan 31st, 2023. The Feb 9th deployment, addresses the correct use of leading zeros in the CMMC v2 and CMMI assessments in relation to the previous hotfix.