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  1. Admin View
    1. Company
    2. Users
    3. Assessments
    4. Insurance
    5. Scenario Collections
    6. Dashboards
    7. Review Content
    8. Currency Localization
    9. Accessing the Admin View

Admin View

Axio360 allows a restricted number of users to be Administrators for their company’s instance of Axio360.

Any data modifications under the Admin View are automatically saved when updated.

The following edits are available:


  • Modify Company Information, for example, Address data, main contact, etc.
  • Modify Global Security rules for the entire company, such as whether sharing outside the company is permitted.
  • Integrate with a number of 3rd party systems, for example, ServiceNow.
  • Set up global, company-wide attributes, as in adding a company-wide Enterprise Value, such as Company Annual Revenue.


  • Modify user information, including deleting a user.
  • Review user Assessments and Scenario Collections.


  • Review all company assessments and clone assessments if needed.


  • Review all company Insurance Records.

Scenario Collections

  • View names and users of all Scenario Collections.
  • Modify users associated with Scenario Collections.
  • Allow Scenario Collections to be cloned.


  • Modify the styles of dashboards globally.

Review Content

  • Review all Assessment Templates and assessment questions associated with those templates.

Currency Localization

  • Modify the local currency if needed.

Accessing the Admin View

Administrators have access to the admin apps navigation menu visualized via the tools icon.

Admin view

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