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  1. Admin View
    1. Accessing the Admin View
    2. Company
    3. Users
    4. Assessments
    5. Insurance Reviews
    6. Scenario Collections
    7. Dashboard
    8. Manage Content
    9. Localization

Admin View

Axio360 allows a restricted number of users to be Administrators for their company’s instance of Axio360.

The Admin View is accessible from inside Axio360 via the Admin View button.


Accessing the Admin View

Administrators have access to the admin apps navigation menu visualized via the left navigation menu.

Admin view

Administrators of Companies that manage several different businesses or customer companies, can switch the Admin View access via the top drop-down.

admin instances

Any data modifications under the Admin View are automatically saved when updated.


Under the Company section, administrators can:

  • Modify Company Information, for example, Address data, main contact, etc.
  • Modify Global Security rules for the entire company, such as whether sharing outside the company is permitted.
  • Integrate with various 3rd party systems, for example, ServiceNow.
  • Set up global, company-wide attributes, as in adding a company-wide Enterprise Value, such as Company Annual Revenue.


Under the User Tools, administrators can:

  • Modify user information, including deleting a user. Deleting does remove the log in rights, it does not remove data created by the user.
  • Review user Assessments and Scenario Collections.


Review company assessments and clone assessments if needed.

Insurance Reviews

Overview of Insurance Records Reviews in Axio360.

Scenario Collections

Under Scenario Collections, administrators can:

  • View names and users of all Scenario Collections.
  • Modify users associated with Scenario Collections.
  • Allow Scenario Collections to be cloned.


Under Dashboards, administrators can:

  • Modify the styles of dashboards globally.

Manage Content

Under Manage Content, administrators can:

  • Review all Assessment Templates and assessment questions associated with those templates.


Under Localization, administrators can:

  • Modify the local currency symbols if needed.

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