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ServiceNow Integration

Axio360 company admins can enable an integration with ServiceNow. For generic implementations (the company’s ServiceNow instance stores data in the default tables) this will work out of the box once enabled.


The following parameters are required for the integration setup:

  • Username and password for ServiceNow with permissions to access the tables listed in Required Tables.
  • The ServiceNow subdomain. For example, if the ServiceNow URL is, then the subdomain is dev82213.

ServiceNow setup

After providing the ServiceNow data, use the Test option to validate the integration setup.

Handshake validation

Required Tables

Please note that the required permissions are for a generic ServiceNow integration.

Table Permission
now/table/sc_task Create, Read, Update

Current Features

The integration currently supports a one-way Task creation and a two-way update system for Tasks.

  • Tasks are created in ServiceNow by creating an Action Item in Axio360 and clicking Link to Task (link icon). (Available only after the integration has been configured via the admin view). Once created, the following fields will update bidirectionally:

    Axio360 Action Item ServiceNow Task
    text description
    created by assigned to