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Deployed April 27th, 2023 (week 17)

New Features and Functionality

Refer to the list below to review changes deployed with the current release. The previous feature deployment happened on March 13th.

C2M2 v2.1 Foundations Report

Axio is rolling out a C2M2 v2.1 foundations MIL report. The report is available to be generated, once the assessment questionnaire has been completed.

Please note:

  • The order of questions in the report is not the same as the order of questions in the actual assessment model.
  • Completion percentages for partially implemented domains indicate zero completion. Only Largely or Fully Implemented practices are tracked to determine completion percentages by domain.
  • Decimals on percentage completion rates are always rounded down.
  • MIL reports are not available on Full C2M2 v2.1 assessments.

The report implementations has the following knows issues:

  • The page numbers on the generated .pdf file are not sequential.
  • Under Report Specifications, the assessment title is pulled in with text provided for The scope defined for this assessment is.
  • Punctuation marks might be cut off from practice, response, and other text assetts pulled into the report.
  • It is possible to hit an error condition during the first time a report is generated. This usually resolves on retry.

Recommendation Widget for C2M2 v2.1 Foundations Assessment

A rank based recommendation widget has been added to the C2M2 V2.1 Foundations Assessment. This implementation brings functional model parity between the v1.1 and v2.1 user experience in Axio360.

Tooltip Update for Control Implementation Widget

The Control Implementation Widget tooltip has been updated to clarify how different dimensions are visualized.

Resolved Issues April 27th

This week’s release provides the following fixes to issues users might have experienced while using Axio360.

Wizard Exit on C2M2 v2.1 Foundations

With this release after clicking Finish to exit a new C2M2 v2.1 Foundations Assessment wizard, user session navigation opens the assessment dashboard. Previously, navigation placed users in the active assessment view.

Typos in C2M2 v2.1 Foundations Assessment

Resolved spelling errors in category 14, answers C and D.

Documentation Updates April 24th

New Topics

Edited Topics