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What’s New - December 18th, 2023 (week 51)

Axio provides details about product changes, like new features, changed functionality, resolved issues, and known issues regularly in sync with product deployments. Refer to the list below to review changes deployed with the current release. The previous feature deployment happened on November 15th, 2023.

The Canadian instance will receive the deployment on December 19th, 2023.

New Features

Update to Edit Workflows on Action Items

Users with editor permissions can perform all edit workflows on Action Items in shared assessments. Supported edit workflows on all assessment models include the following:

  • updates to criticality
  • changes to the title of an action item
  • updating the due date
  • changing the assignee
  • linking to integrated task-tracking tools, like ServiceNow tickets
  • linking to a target score

Inherited Action Items are read-only and cannot be edited, independent of user permissions.

Update to Assessment Applicability Settings

Any user with write access to an assessment can update applicability settings. Previously users with whom the assessment was shared didn’t have permission to change this setting.

Refer to Assessment Applicability Settings and the How to Hide Assessment Categories that don’t Apply video from our video library.

User Groups as Assignees

Axio360 Admins can create User Groups in the Axio360 Admin portal. Any assessment owner can add users based on user groups to an assessment share. Once an assessment is shared the group members are considered “Grantees” and have access to the assessment and action items. There is a limit of one assigned group per assessment.

BYOM Dashboard Update

The BYOM Dashboard supports in addition to the previously available Assessment Score the following widgets:

  • Action Items
  • Upcoming Targets

The dashboard export for BYOM-based assessments is not currently supported.

Partial Maturity Level Credit

Partial maturity level credit adjustments are available for completed action items without achieving the next implementation level. The partial credit applies to a practice’s score to demonstrate progress towards the next maturity level. A new button is available in the UI, which when clicked, triggers the partial credit application.

Refer to Partial Credit and Scoring.

Resolved Issues

CRI Profile Tiers Rendering

The following CRI assessment fixes went into this deployment:

  • The questions belonging to different CRI Profile Tiers will only be visible based on tier selection going forward. The initial roll-out defaulted to all questions showing independent on tier.
  • The dashboard for Tier 2, 3 and 4 matches the Tier 1 assessment dashboard.
  • The CRI logo is carried through all 4 Tiers.
  • Upcoming Targets and Action Items widgets rendering to the right of the dashboard area.

FFIEC Model Adjustment

The FFIEC model currently available in beta testing, has received fixes to mismatched practice IDs.

The import functionality is not supported for this model.

Documentation Updates

New topics

  • Assessment Applicability Settings: A topic under the Exercises section to explain the user workflow of the feature in more detail.
  • Partial Credit: UI reference topic to introduce the partial credit button.
  • Permissions: Permissions topic detailing entitlements per role.
  • User Groups: Topic covering how to create a user group in the Axio360 Admin portal, share an assessment with that group, and then assign the group to an action item.

Changed topics

  • Admin View: Explained the difference between Admin View and Axio360 Admin portal access.
  • BYOM Template: Added additional images with example data.
  • Control Initiatives: Added board report definitions.
  • # Assessment How-to Videos: Added new video link to How to Share Assessments with User Groups and Use Groups in Action Items.
  • Scoring: Added a subtopic referencing the new partial credit option for assessments.