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  1. Planning Workshop Participants and Logistics
    1. Participants
    2. Timeframe
    3. Activities
      1. Planning Workshop Participants and Logistics

Planning Workshop Participants and Logistics


  • Project Lead (or Facilitator, as appropriate)
  • Project Assistant
  • Department Leads


Start these activities immediately after the prep call.


Planning Workshop Participants and Logistics

Step Who What When
1 As needed Book travel. As soon as dates and locations are confirmed.
2 Project Lead Set up the starter scenario collection in the Axio360 Platform. (See “Setting Up a Scenario Collection in the Axio360 Platform” for details.) At least one week before the workshop.
3 Project Lead Verify that the Axio360 license accommodates the email domains of the departments/business units that participants will register with. At least one week before the workshop.
4 Project Assistant or Logistics Coordinator Ensure that SMEs have instructions for registering on the Axio360 Platform. (See “Registering Workshop Participants in the Axio360 Platform.”) After the Project Lead confirms that the Axio360 license has been set up.
5 Project Lead Following the instructions provided within the template, prepare the workshop presentation using the Quantification Workshop Template. At least one week before the workshop.
6 Project Lead Go/No Go decision: Check with the Department Leads and decide whether everything is in place to proceed with the workshop, such as whether the participation of needed personnel is confirmed. If it’s a “No Go”, reschedule, rebook travel, and resume the process from this step at the appropriate time. At least three days before the workshop.
7 Project Lead or Project Assistant Verify that all SMEs have registered on the Axio360 Platform. After the “Go” decision is made.
8 Project Assistant Proofread the non-standard content of the workshop presentation. At least two days before the workshop.
9 Project Lead and Project Assistant Review all workshop materials. The day before the workshop.

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