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In this article:
  1. Exporting Assessment Data
    1. How to Export Assessment Data
    2. Using Download-All
    3. Practice FQN

Exporting Assessment Data

Users with access to Assessments can export the following assessment data in .xlsx format:

  • Notes
  • Action Items
  • Links
  • Owner Rationale
  • Responses

How to Export Assessment Data

  1. In Axio360, navigate to an Assessment.
  2. To open the Assessment, click on the Assessment name.
  3. From the Assessment page, navigate to your user profile menu in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  4. From the user profile menu, select Export.

    Export menu

  5. From the Export Assessment Data modal, select the data ready for download by clicking on the available download buttons.

    Export assessment data modal

    Use any button to download the data you need in .xlsx format. Using Download All provides a convenient option to download all data with one button click. The modal remains open until you close it using the x option. By default, the exported data files are:

    • Assessment-All.xlsx (if downloaded via Download All)
    • Assessment-Notes.xlsx
    • Assessment-Action-Items.xlsx
    • Assessment-Links.xlsx
    • Assessment-Owner-Rationale.xlsx
    • Assessment-Responses.xlsx

The files save to your default download location, usually the Downloads folder for the currently active user on the device.

Using Download-All

When using Download-All, the data for each data category is provided on a separate data sheet within the .xlsx file. The data sheets are labeled Notes, Action Items, Links, Responses, and Owner Rational.

Practice FQN

The data for each export category maps through the label provided in the Practice FQN (Fully Qualified Name) column of the .xlsx files.

Export data example