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What’s New - October 19th, 2023 (week 42)

Axio provides details about product changes, like new features, changed functionality, resolved issues, and known issues regularly in sync with product deployments. Refer to the list below to review changes deployed with the current release. The previous feature deployment happened on September 13th, 2023.

The Canadian instance is not part of this deployment at this time.

New Features

Cyentia Integration

Axio360 integrates with Cyentia IRIS Risk to provide external benchmarking data as a critical component to Axio customers. Cyentia’s IRIS Risk Analysis platform offers extensive data points needed in Axio360 to further the quantification process.

Refer to the Cyentia Integration topic for detailed setup instructions.

CMMC V2: Assessment Updates

The CMMC V2 assessment reflects if a control is Not Met, Partial, or Met to indicate the maturity level.

Additionally, unique assessment objectives have been added for each control. There are 320 objectives across the 110 controls of the CMMC V2 assessment.

For example, in the practice AC.L2*3.1.3, Control the flow of CUI, an organization is required to Control the flow of CUI in accordance with approved authorizations. To evaluate compliance with the control, the following objectives are available in Axio360:

  • [a] information flow control policies are defined;
  • [b] methods and enforcement mechanisms for controlling the flow of CUI are defined;
  • [c] designated sources and destinations (e.g., networks, individuals, and devices) for CUI within the system and between interconnected systems are identified;
  • [d] authorizations for controlling the flow of CUI are defined; and
  • [e] approved authorizations for controlling the flow of CUI are enforced

Each of these detailed objectives can receive responses of either Not Met, Partial, or Met.

Tags for Activity and Evidence Notes

Users may apply tags to a Note on the Activity and/or the Evidence Tabs. The Activity Tab tags are used to indicate a state other than control states to not influence the maturity scoring. Evidence Tab tags help to identify further the evidence group(s).

Refer to Activity and Evidence Tags

A response level on the practice must be entered prior to adding evidence to the practice.

Simulated Cost Widget optimization

Improvements went into calculating the simulated cost widget on the scenario dashboard and board report.

Documentation Updates

New topics

Changed topics