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Deployed June 28th, 2023 (week 26)

Refer to the list below to review changes deployed with the current release. The previous feature deployment happened on May 8th, 2023.

The Canadian instance was updated to the June 28th, 2023 (week 26) product deployment on July 3rd, 2023.

New Features and Functionality

Assessment to Assessment Mapping

There are similarities in different security models that lend themselves to assessment mapping options. For example, a completed NIST assessment, which required input of all organizational controls, can be applied where applicable to the CFS assessment template. Providing mapping options between matching data collected for different security models, saves organizations from redundant work and improves consistency of control entries across various assessments. For a detailed feature description refer to the Assessment to Assessment Mapping topic on Axio’s public doc portal.

Data Export and Import Improvements

The data ex-/import feature now supports roundtrip data movement without the need of edits after an export.

When importing or exporting assessment data from or to a spreadsheet, more data columns are supported:

  • Practice Name (on all sheets)
  • Assigned user for Action Items, uses the full name and defaults to email if no name is specified (Action Items Sheet).
  • Tags for Notes, this is provided as a comma delimited list.
  • Owner Rationale on Links sheet (aka Evidence).
  • Company evidence help text on Links sheet (aka Evidence).
  • Company help text on Responses sheet.

Refer to Assessment Data Import for the detailed data structure.

Score updates based on completed Action Items

When an assessment exercise has actions items, the completion of those action items now positively improves the score for that specific exercise. Adding new action items will impact the completion percentage. Action items only impact calculation and visualization of current scores and do not have any impact on target values. If the completion of action items puts a specific exercise above the completion score, the exercise will be marked as complete.

No updates are done to the score to included action items in a board report. Action Items do not influence milestone scores (milestone scores are just scores for an assessment at a given date). No updates are done to the “mode” score on the aggregate dashboard.

Resolved Issues

Admin: Accessing multiple environments

Cookie handling caused issues for instance administrators preventing admins to access multiple environments concurrently.

Utilization of assessment response data

Dimensioned Practice EVs were not correctly using assessment response data.

Assessment score visuals

The assessment scores were visualized with different values in graphs inside the assessment and quantification modules.