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  1. Sharing a Scenario Collection
    1. Participants
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    3. Background
    4. Activities
      1. Share a Scenario Collection
      2. Manage Shared Scenario Collections

Sharing a Scenario Collection

This topic explains making a previously created ScenarioCollection available to other team members.


  • Project Lead (or Facilitator, as appropriate)

A Scenario Collection can only be shared by the collection owner (which defaults to the collection’s creator) and only with internal users. Sharing the collection with external users requires administrative privileges in the Axio360 Platform, which may be assigned to the Project Lead, Facilitator, or other participant. A collection owner can also transfer ownership of a Scenario Collection to another user.


Start these activities at least one week before the approximate date of the Cyber Risk Quantification Workshop. This can also be performed after a workshop to include new stakeholders.


Sharing a Scenario Collection allows other internal and external users (if permitted) to view or edit a collection. All sharing is done at the Scenario Collection level, and all designated users can see all scenarios within the collection.


Share a Scenario Collection

A Scenario Collection must be shared with workshop participants so that it is available for participants to collaborate in the quantification process. For internal users who have previously registered with the platform, their name and email will appear when you click in the textbox of the sharing interface. If their name or email does not appear, it can be added by entering their email into the text box and selecting “Add” in the dropdown that appears. To share with an external user, enter their email address into the textbox and select “Add.” New internal and external users appear in orange to indicate that they are not existing internal users. If an external user appears in red, you must change your account settings to allow external sharing. You can contact your Admin user or [email protected] for assistance if needed.

Manage Shared Scenario Collections

The owner of a collection can manage previously shared users and access levels. The owner may unshare the collection, change the level of access between “Edit” and “Read,” or assign ownership of the collection to another registered user. Note: if ownership is transferred to another user, the previous owner will lose any ability to share or change access.