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  1. UI Reference
    1. Module Overview - Left Navigation Menu
    2. Home * Learn more about Axio
    3. Feedback
    4. Deprecation Messages
      1. Example

UI Reference

This content section of the Axio360 documentation is a user interface reference that explains all UI elements, product layout, and navigation.

Module Overview - Left Navigation Menu

At the bottom of the left navigation area, use the right or left-pointing chevrons to expand and collapse the left sidebar navigation. Icons and labels are visible when the sidebar is expanded. The expanded sidebar displays over the active work tray. A collapsed sidebar displays icons only.

Sidebar navigation entry points:

Left navigation area

Home * Learn more about Axio

The Axio logo on the top left is the navigation point to the corporate website.


The feedback option allows our customers to provide valuable input to our product management team about likes and dislikes while using the Axio Platform.

Deprecation Messages

Axio will provide information to users about assessment deprecations. Deprecations become necessary to stay current and to provide the latest insights in the assessment and risk quantification process based on market insights.


An assessment version is being replaced by a new version.

UI msg example

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