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What’s New

Axio provides details about product changes, like new features, changed functionality, resolved issues, and known issues on a regular basis in sync with product deployments.

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September 13th, 2023 (week 37)

Refer to the list below to review changes deployed with the current release. The previous feature deployment happened on August 23rd, 2023.

This deployment is a maintenance release to address bug fixes and provide customer specific updates only.

Resolved Issues September 13th, 2023

C2M2 V2.1 Workforce Domain activities order

The C2M2 V2.1 model has an incorrect order of activities under the Workforce Domain. This issue has been resolved with the current deployment.

C2M2 V2.1 report uses previous version practices

The management activities graphic in section 3.11 in the C2M2 V2.1 report displayed practices based on the previous model version. This release deploys a fix to correctly map practices based on the latest model version.

C2M2 v2.1 formatting

This release deploys a number of formatting fixes for the C2M2 V2.1 model report.