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Axio360 is a SaaS cybersecurity performance management platform designed for organizations leveraging a control-based approach as their risk management program.

The four core capabilities of the product are:

  • Cybersecurity Assessment and Compliance
  • Cyber Risk Quantification
  • Cyber Risk Transfer (Cyber Insurance Optimization)
  • Cybersecurity Performance Management

Staying ahead of the evolving threat landscape can be daunting. Axio360 empowers your cybersecurity program to run more efficiently, ensuring you can measure its performance. Say goodbye to the burden of manual cybersecurity compliance processes and subjective color-coded reporting. Axio360 automates and streamlines your workflows, allowing you to accelerate measurable risk reduction in the areas where you will achieve the highest return on investment.

Axio360 helps communicate cybersecurity priorities and preparedness in simple financial terms with its cyber threat scenario modeling capability. These comprehensive insights into threat scenarios show how you can best reduce negative impact through a combination of financial and technical controls.

Using any assessment framework or cyber maturity model, with Axio360 you can establish targets, track milestones, gather evidence, and collaborate on control improvement plans. The cyber risk quantification engine allows you to prioritize risk reduction plans as you gain insights into the unique impact of threat scenarios on your business.

Platform benefits

Axio360 delivers standard but flexible principles, which enables you to start quickly and build momentum. Because you begin your analysis with 99% fidelity, all you and your team must do is review and adjust, add evidence, and plan.

  • Pre-populated frameworks
  • Pre-filled, suggested values
  • Library of risk scenarios
  • Benchmark data
  • Transparent, flexible formulas
  • Historical incident and cost/loss data

All formulas, variables, and data in Axio360 are transparent and customizable. You’ll understand how it works and be able to explain it to others.

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