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In this article:
  1. System Overview
    1. Versioning
    2. Operating Environment
    3. Internet Browser
    4. Support Services

System Overview

Axio360 is a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) hosted web application. The product has three main modules:

  • Assessments
  • Quantification
  • Insurance


Customers are always on the latest available and deployed version of the product. Deployment versions may differ based on cloud instance location (region). Deployments are tracked and communicated via Axio’s public documentation portal under the What’s New section.

Axio360 server deployments are fully managed. All routine and maintenance deployments are performed during off-peak business hours (for the US that is usually 9 pm EST). Emergency deployments may be rolled out when needed at any time of day.

Operating Environment

Axio360 is a browser-based SaaS application that does not require any product parts to be installed on customer systems.

Internet Browser

The client systems require a compatible internet browser updated with the latest security patches.

Axio360 is tested on:

  • Google Chrome: Version 113.0 and newer
  • Microsoft Edge: Version 113.0 and newer

Support Services

Refer to Axio’s Support Policy for contact details, response times, etc.